Working collaboratively to raise awareness of mental health

Following on from the recent Mental Health Awareness Week and with #MensHealthWeek we have meet with our client McLaren Construction to talk about how we can work together to continue to raise awareness around an often taboo subject.

We are currently working with McLaren Construction to deliver the New Regents College Project in London and met recently to share our experiences and look for innovative ways to work together make it Ok for people to get talking about mental health as well as addressing ways to spot the signs of people suffering.

According to statistics male site workers in construction are three times more likely to commit suicide that the average UK male something which we all need to address.  The long demanding hours, working away from home and often unease about the outlook for the sector are a few factors which contribute to poor mental health.

By working collaboratively to raise awareness alongside promoting the importance of health and wellbeing we hope to get the conversation started which we both feel is vital to start to end the stigma which often surrounds this subject.



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