We position ourselves at the cutting edge of innovation in engineering.

At HE Simm we strive to continuously improve on what we do. As part of this commitment, we research and rigorously test new technologies in order to identify and implement innovative solutions which will deliver tangible long-terms benefits to our clients.

Our business is structured to best respond to adapting markets and deliver innovative solutions tailored to our client’s individual needs.

3.1 research

Decisive Leadership

HE Simm is a privately owned company placing us in an advantageous position when it comes to pursuing innovation. Our decisive leadership and streamlined corporate process means there is no bureaucracy to stand in our way when it comes to moving forward. We are able to adapt quickly to changing markets and make bold investment decisions that place us at the cutting edge of innovation in engineering.

A Culture of Innovation

Whilst the latest technologies and techniques in engineering are constantly changing, our culture of innovation remains constant. Continuously improving on what we do is woven into the fabric of our business ethos and is championed by all of our employees who strive to learn and develop every day.

A Team of Innovators

We believe that our business can only truly deliver innovation through collaboration and teamwork. Sharing knowledge amongst our employees and supply chain is integral to ensuring that the most effective strategies are delivered on the ground. Therefore, we have developed the HE Simm Knowledge Share Forum which gives all employees a platform to voice their ideas for innovation and share their experience.

Dedicated Knowledge Champions

Our specifically-appointed Knowledge Champions continuously research new technologies and ideas. They then take charge of rigorously testing or trialling these and implementing those that provide real long-term value to our business. They also take responsibility for communicating these ideas with our clients so they are always aware of the options open to them when it comes to innovative engineering.