We deliver highly efficient engineering systems that meet our clients’ desired performance criteria.

Our Commissioning Team ensure that the operational performance of completed buildings meets our clients and end-users expectations. We also ensure that buildings operate efficiently and meet all specified energy efficiency targets.

Design Stage

During the design process, our commissioning team identifies the criteria required for a successful handover of the building. Through early and ongoing communication with the client, they establish an understanding of the client’s requirements and the desired performance criteria of the building. From this knowledge they produce test and commissioning plans that will ensure the successful delivery. Our ‘soft landings’ strategy is also developed at the design stage, which identifies the future testing requirements of the building.

Installation Stage

Throughout the installation stage the whole project delivery team is kept fully informed on our progress through regular meetings and presentations. The commissioning programme and plan are issued, which includes system performance specifications and test results to prove that systems are operating efficiently.

Post-Completion Stage 

The agreed ‘soft landings’ strategy is initiated to ensure the smooth handover of the building. Any actual or potential issues are identified and addressed promptly and efficiently. Our aftercare team ensures that all users of the building fully understand how it has been designed to function, so that they can make full use of its capabilities and operate it in the most efficient manner.