Fostering excellent relationships with our clients is at the core of HE Simm philosophy.

We consistently deliver the highest possible standards of service, quality and efficiency, resulting in a near 100% ratio of repeat business from satisfied clients.

As an extremely client-focused company, our business is modelled to achieve the highest possible levels of client satisfaction.

Key Client Base

We only work with a select number of key clients. This means that we can focus on getting to know our clients and building exceptional relationships with them which places us in the best possible position to truly understand how their business works, and to develop the best solutions to meet their individual requirements and aspirations. It also means that we are reliant on repeat business, of which we are currently able boast a ratio of near 100% from satisfied clients.

Key Performance Indicators

We measure client satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of every project using Key Performance Indicators. This enables us to learn and improve, as well as addressing any issues and adapting to clients changing requirements promptly and efficiently.

3.6 client satisfaction

Non-Confrontational Approach

We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients and supply chain partners, respecting their work and best practice quality controls at all times. Our business strategy is to grow sustainably through repeat business from satisfied clients.