We work with supply chain partners who share our ‘right first time’ approach to health and safety.

We aim to create a consolidated supply chain by developing long-term sustainable partnerships with consistently high performing and safe sub-contractors and suppliers. A fundamental part of this high performance to which we aspire is the health, safety and welfare of our supply chain and those who may be affected by our supply chain activities – including our clients, end-users, the public and HE Simm employees.

Our Partners

We are proud that our clients recognise our commitment to health and safety and our enviable health and safety record. In turn, we recognise that this success is due in no small part to our supply chain; in the correct attitude to health and safety they display, in their ‘right first time’ approach to safe working on site and in their dedication to delivering products safely and to the correct safety specifications.

Our Process

This good safety performance is no accident. We invest a great deal of time, effort and expertise into the development of our supply chain – for long-term benefits. The process is based on the sound principles of “Plan-Do-Check-Act”. Initially, we rigorously assess the occupational health and safety capabilities and competence of prospective suppliers – stipulating they aspire to the same standards as ourselves. Once approved, we monitor and measure actual performance against defined criteria. We praise and celebrate good performance with all suppliers. Where we identify any areas requiring improvement, we work proactively with suppliers to implement appropriate actions.

Collaborative Approach

We have forged strong and long-lasting partnerships with our supply chain as a result of this inclusive, generative approach focused on people and teamwork. Relationships are based on mutual trust and open communications, which will allow us to not only consolidate our existing health and safety record but also to continuously improve it towards achieving our goal of no lives ruined through injury or ill health. We truly believe that Teamwork = Safety = Success.