We develop sustainable partnerships with consistently high performing and safe sub-contractors and suppliers.

Every business is dependent on its supply chain, with every chain only as strong as its weakest link. By sharing our values with our supply chain, we can work together to deliver them and achieve our vision to become the industry’s partner of choice. Our Supply Chain Charter was introduced in 2013, as the first initiative to be addressed within Focus 30. It forms the basis for the collaborative relationships formed between HE Simm and its supply chain. Read our Supply Chain Charter.

6.1 sc charter

Aims of the Charter

We aim to create a consolidated supply chain by developing long-term sustainable partnerships with consistently high-performing and safe sub-contractors and suppliers. In essence, the charter is about sharing our values, only working with sub-contractors and suppliers who support the tender process, making selections upon best-value basis, improving relationships with clients by providing exceptional project delivery measured through KPI’s, improving margins through costs and time predictability, understanding supply chain goals and capabilities and understanding and managing risk. Together, this enables us to consolidate our supply chain and work repeatedly with our best performing supply chain members.

How it Works

There are five statuses attributable to suppliers and sub-contractors: Partner, Preferred, Approved, Listed and Rejected. Supply chain members can achieve each status by meeting certain requirements such as accreditations, KPI scores and Focus 30 membership. The charter provides comprehensive detail of what each status entails so that prospective supply chain members understand what is expected of them, making our selection process as transparent and fair as possible. If a supplier is successful, we review them on each individual project according to specific selection criteria and measure their performance at tender stage through Key Performance Indicators. We only work with consistently high performing and safe supply chain members.


This collaborative approach provides mutual business benefit. HE Simm benefits from safer working environments, improved payment terms and ongoing support throughout the project lifecycle from our supply chain partners. In turn, our partners are kept informed on the pipeline of projects, given feedback on the competitiveness of their pricing, offered training and development opportunities and given clear and fair payment terms which are honoured.