We ensure that all personnel are not just technically competent to carry out their work, but that they can also demonstrate proficiency in Health and Safety.

All HE Simm site based employees and operatives, including sub-contractors (or an individual working for a sub-contractor) and agency personnel must hold a valid HE Simm Passport to Work (PTW) card relevant to the work they undertake.

Our approach is aligned with the current requirements of many of our clients and provides confidence that we have a fully skilled supply chain ready to satisfy any project’s competence requirements.


By monitoring who is on our sites and when, along with their qualifications and health and safety accreditations, we can be confident that all of our operatives have been trained to the HE Simm required standard. This assures the competency and safety of our workforce, helping to reduce accidents year on year and delivering the performance and efficiency our clients expect. It also provides proof that our Equality and Diversity targets are being met, as well as reducing our carbon footprint by monitoring travel distances and allocating local workforces.


In essence, we require all our employees and sub-contractors to hold a recognised UKCG level health and safety qualification in addition to their CSCS/trade specific skills cards. Once these standards have been satisfied, the individual is issued with a Passport to Work card which is valid for 3 years. HE Simm requires that all personnel engaged on their construction sites hold a current Passport to Work Card which demonstrates that they have the necessary health and safety knowledge and skill set to carry out all works safely and to exacting quality standards. As of January 2016, over 900 HE Simm Passport to Work cards have been issued.


If you are interested in obtaining a HE Simm Passport to Work card, please read the documents below before completing an application form: Applications should be completed online here

Please allow 30 days for your application to be processed.

HE Simm HMR 2.3 Rev 4 Passport to Work Issue 1 Rev 6

HE Simm Equality and Diversity Policy Issue 5 Rev 2