X1 Media City Tower 1

To provide a 27 storey residential development in Salford

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The Project

HE Simm will work with Vermont Construction on the  X1 Media City Tower 1 development in Salford. The circa £4.7m X1 Media City Tower 1 development comprises of a 27 storey, 275 apartment, residential tower with panoramic views of the city. The project will also have retail space and a basment car park for 100 cars. We are currently working on the first tower phase of potentially 4, all of which will be identical.

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Project Objectives

To provide modern apartments to the vibrant area of Salford’s Media City Development and help in the regeneration of the area.

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Project Challenges

The height of the towers and the water pressure needed to services all the apartments. This has been overcome by Prefabrication thin wall stainless steel pipework. Also due to the small footprint of the development, deliveries will be a problem, to combat this we will implement a robust logistics plan utilising just in time deliveries and also by getting the materials delivered in kit form, by apartment, per floor.

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The Results

The project is still ongoing with completion due for October 2017

Meet the Team

Lee Smith, Project Manager


Lee has worked closely with Vermont Construction and X1 Developments to develop a strong relationship with them both to ensure delivery of a successful project. Lee will bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to the project ensuring a quality project is delivered on time and in budget.

“I have been delighted with the pre-con team at HE Simm who have brought significant innovation to our project which has simplified the M&E installation and programme greatly and helped get our project to a demanding budget. Their design team are first class and we had a fully coordinated construction status design whilst we were still piing, something i’m still astonished by to this day.

They are very attentive and ive been kept abreast of every detail as the project progresses with no surprises along the way. the trust that they have engendered speaks volumes for them in the volatile market that we face today. im very much looking forward to delivering the project with them and they continue to demonstrate why they have become our prefered M&E partner.”


Chris Gallagher, Operations Director at Vermont Construction