Capital Building, Liverpool

The Capital Building commands the ideal location. At the heart of Liverpool’s dynamic new business community, it affords panoramic views of the city’s renowned World Heritage waterfront.

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The Project

HE Simm were commissioned by Downing Construction to undertake the Design and Build MEP services to create 300,000 square feet of clean, green, modern office space, across 10 floors. This was to house 2,000 staff from the newly formed UK Border Agency (UKBA). HE Simm undertook both Cat A & Cat B Fit out on a Design and Build basis.

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Project Objectives

Downing Property services signed a record-breaking letting agreement with UKBA in December 2009. The subsequent fit-out programme enabled the government department to consolidate its six Liverpool offices and bring 2,000 staff together under the same roof for the first time at the landmark building on Old Hall Street. Located in the heart of Liverpool’s commercial district, The Capital is now recognised as a core hub facility by central government services and has also attracted lettings from Tesco, Liverpool Vision and a range of retailers.

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Project Challenges

Apart from the sheer scale of the project, the works were particularly complex with unique operational requirements. It was a testament to our in-house teams that despite works being undertaken around existing ‘LIVE’ services, disruption was kept to a bare minimum and clients remained happy throughout our activity.

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The Results

The project was completed on time and to budget with zero defects.

Meet the Team

Martin Peacock, Project Manager

Martin provided expertise, knowledge and support to his team throughout the decommissioning, diversions and reconstruction process, encouraging a collaborative approach at all levels. His leadership and attention to detail ensured that the project was completed with zero defects and an efficient soft landings programme was implemented.

“This was a landmark project for Downing and GDC. HE Simm as the M&E contractor played a critical role in helping transform The Capital under our ownership and is a real benchmark for highest quality, refurbished space across the region.”

Downing Property Services

“The move to the capital was a huge decision for us at UKBA and, therefore, needed a construction team we could trust, not just with our brief on fit out, but with the security implications involved. The construction team were easy to work with they understood our requirements from the start, delivered on time and within our budget and made the whole process a seamless and successful one.”

Hilary Dalton, Assistant Director, UKBA Border Agency