Importance of Localism to HE Simm, Kier Construction and the LIPA Project

HE Simm have been working with Kier Construction for over 35 years, throughout this time we have built a strong relationship, built on mutual trust and delivering excellence. Ray Hunter, Project Manager on the LIPA project discusses the importance of localism on the project and the great working relationships between HE Simm and Kier.

Ray believes the successful relationship between HE Simm and Kier is based on the same shared values, we both ensure safety comes first and will never compromise on it, we both understand the importance of apprentices and training the youth of today, and keeping the local spend in the area. Over 90% of the workforce on the LIPA project comes from the local area which has had a very positive effect on site. Ray explains it is great coming to work when everyone knows each other and how they work, it builds the atmosphere of one team with one approach. “The majority of this entire site team have been working together for the past five years across different projects throughout Liverpool with Kier, it allows you to all work in a collaborative partnership which is very rewarding.”

Localism also improves the smooth running of a project, by only using local suppliers from the Liverpool area enables supplies to be delivered quickly and efficiently, helping ease any congestion and storage issues. Ray credited the HE Simm Supply Chain as being a key element in the successful delivery of the LIPA project.

During the project there have been various logistical challenges to overcome. These have been successfully combatted by implementing, and adhering to planned deliveries, by using the correct sized vehicles for deliveries to ensure the busy main road never became congested.

The part new build and part refurbishment project also presented a challenge when it came to replacing the existing plant equipment. In order to overcome this HE Simm worked collaboratively, with Kier and specialist sub-contractors, in the early stages of the project to challenge conventional thinking in how to manoeuvre the new plant into the basement.

The LIPA project is now coming to its end and with 4 weeks to go Ray believes he and his team will successfully hand over the project on time, on budget and defect free. “This project has been great working with Kier and our team who truly get on, we always go the extra mile for each other as the key relationship foundations are already built. This project will further enhance our solid relationship with Kier.”



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