We strive to limit our environmental impact and deliver the most sustainable solutions to our clients.

Being a sustainable business means making better use of the world’s finite natural resources and mitigating the risk caused through our activities, so that they have the lowest possible impact on the external environment. In a market which increasingly demands increased operational energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, we continuously seek the most sustainable solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

Limiting Environmental Impact

We strive to ensure that all of our operations throughout the project lifecycle are as carbon efficient as they can be. Where possible, we use local branches and businesses to support each scheme, thereby minimising road miles incurred through our deliveries as well as employee commuter emissions. We educate our employees on ways to save energy and ensure that our portable site offices operate with maximum efficiency. We are also continuously improving the ways in which we source materials and recycle our waste products. As part of our environmental commitment, we have made it our aim in 2015 to significantly reduce our paper consumption. We aim to maximise energy efficiency in our office in numerous ways, such as consolidated invoices, cutting down on paper and postage, site supervisors are allocated IPads and office staff laptops to support the activity based working paper reduction ideal that HE Simm are striving towards. We also decrease carbon emissions by covering our employees’ transport costs for national travel by public transport and offering a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

We meet our clients’ growing demand for sustainability by finding the energy efficient solutions that are right for their individual requirements. Our wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing low carbon and renewable technologies means that we are able to not only help our clients and end users meet sustainability targets, but also deliver exceptional long-term value. Our approach is tailored to each individual project and we are able to provide systems and technologies that cater to a range of environmental standards, dependent upon our clients’ aims.

HES HESQ POL 027 Environmental Policy Statement Issue 4 Rev 7