We strive to ensure that our work improves the quality of peoples’ lives in the communities we serve.

At HE Simm, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. As a sustainable business, we believe it is our duty not only to minimise the negative consequences of our actions, but also to create long-term positive opportunities in the communities in which we live and work. Our approach to community investment is outlined in five strategies:



Investing in Local People

We aim to establish long-term economic development in the communities we serve by offering employment and career opportunities to local people. On a number of our current schemes over 85% of our workforce is sourced from the local area, and as our business sustainably grows, we will continuously seek ways to further increase this figure.


Investing in Local Business

We focus on investing in small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in order to boost local economies and increase employment opportunities. Through our Supply Chain Charter and simplified supplier and sub-contractor application process, we make our procurement route transparent and accessible in order to level the playing field for SMEs. We provide feedback and advice for prospective supply chain partners who do not quite meet our performance criteria, so that they are able to improve and develop in order to achieve future success.

HE Simm Chairman Lawrence Simm (centre) with John Welsh and Brian Dawe from SAFE Productions

Investing in Local Society

We believe in building a better society by helping communities tackle their most pressing social issues. We support initiatives which facilitate long-term changes to issues such as unemployment, crime and education, along with those that provide support for young people, the elderly and those with disabilities. We are currently working with the charity BeOnsite to provide opportunities for disadvantaged individuals whose circumstances have previously presented barriers to finding employment. We provide training and employment opportunities to individuals seeking to make a positive change to their lives.

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Investing in Community Projects

We identify areas most in need of our support – typically, those with high unemployment or crime rates – and look for ways in which we can help. We look for projects which drive social change or support those in need or at risk within the community – such as youth centres, community centres and charitable enterprises – and support these by providing free labour and resources to deliver construction or repairs.


Charitable Investment

We support local and national charities by providing sponsorship and donation; for example organising and sponsoring charity golf days, expeditions and balls and price-matching employees’ volunteering campaigns. Our support is diverse and wide-reaching with the overall aim of improving the quality of peoples’ lives in communities in which we live and work. Charities we have recently supported include BBC DIY SOS, Berkeley First, Construction Youth Trust, BeOnsite, Build Force, Help for Heroes, the Evelina London Children’s Hospital and the Lily Foundation Against Human Trafficking.