Our vision is to be the industry’s building services partner of choice.

At HE Simm, our passion for excellence runs through every aspect of our business. We are committed to continuously improving what we do and strengthening our position for future development.

Our strategy is outlined in six strategic priorities which our employees and supply chain partners continuously work towards.

1. ‘Safety Comes First’

We aim to reduce accidents year on year, with no ruined lives through injury or ill health.

Safety is a priority at HE Simm. In the short to medium term we aim to further build on our performance through Focus 30, an industry-leading initiative exclusive to HE Simm. Working towards 30 health, safety, environment and quality initiatives, we will create the optimum environments in which to work.

2. Sustainable Growth

We aim to sustainably grow the business whilst improving profitability and net worth.

In the short term we will achieve sustainable growth by becoming even more client-focused, developing existing key client relationships and maximising the opportunities with each client. In 2015 this objective was achieved and 2016 will bring more structural strengthening, as well as an additional business unit to capitalise on increasing opportunities. In the medium term, our strategy is to achieve further sustainable growth through measured expansion with the addition of a number of further business units, again focused on key client relationships.

2.1 Strategic priorities

3. Delivering Excellence

We aim to improve our current average KPI score of 82% across all key sectors.

We believe in actively engaging and communicating with our clients throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that we have the best possible understanding of their goals and aspirations and that we are in the best position to deliver these. We use Key Performance Indicators to assess our performance throughout the project lifecycle and respond to changing client requirements. Our aim for 2016 is to increase our current score of 82% across all sectors.

4. Our People

We aim to make HE Simm one of the best places to work in the industry.

We believe that people are our biggest asset and reward our employees with ongoing training and career development opportunities. In the short term we aim to help our employees achieve their full potential through regular performance review and reward systems and personal training and development plans. We also aim to expand our apprentice and graduate programmes.

5. Improving Sustainability

We aim to increase sustainability across all aspects of our business.

In the short term we hope to achieve significant reductions in our carbon footprint and increase the efficiency of our operations and offices. We also aim to invigorate local economies by employing local people on our projects, and to improve opportunities for young people through our apprentice and graduate programmes. In the short to medium term, we aim to increase our investment in SMEs to support local businesses and communities. We will also strive to increase our community investment by providing more free of charge services to a number of community projects and charities nationwide.

6. Maximising Teamwork

We aim to utilise the experience of all team members in the most efficient way.

We are one team with one approach. In the short term our aim is to further improve our excellent teamwork ethos by encouraging more knowledge sharing and integration of capabilities. In the short to medium term, we aim to expand our knowledge share forum to give all employees a platform to voice their ideas and share their experience.